Saturday, December 11, 2010

College Cup Final Press Conference Akron Quotes

About what it means to win a title for the Ohio region:
Zarek Valentin:
“Being there a year, it really means a lot more than anyone could ever imagine. A lot of the school puts a lot of emphasis on our soccer team, which we appreciate greatly. Just seeing the support. It would mean the world to some people. Since a lot of people traveled out to California to support us., it would mean more than anyone could ever even imagine.”
Perry Kitchen:
“Just to reiterate what Zarek was saying, it would mean a lot. In Northeast Ohio, we don’t have many too many great teams; I guess you could call it. So for us to win, it would be amazing. The community would go nuts. We know they are behind us. It would be an amazing feeling.”
About the amount of fans:
“It is amazing. I think we possibly have the best group of fans in the country. They travel with us to Penn State, to Michigan. They were in North Carolina. They are everywhere. They even teamed up with the UCSB fans as well, which means a lot they are coming out to support us too. The fact that they have the commitment to come with us wherever we go and be loud and take pride in our team means a lot. We really feed off that energy in the game, which is good. The more they are in the game, the more we are into the game as well.
“Like Zarek said, it is great they come out and follow us. We have talked about it all through out the year. Coach Porter is always telling them, ‘if they do their part, we will do our part on the field.’ That is how it is going now, and we know they will continue to support us.”
About facing Aaron Horton:
“He is a good player. But yeah, we have seen players that are like him. We have faced the best strikers in the country this year. It is like anything, you have to be aware every single moment. If you lose a moment and fall asleep, you can get punished. At this stage, there are players in these games on these teams who will punish you if you make mistakes.”