Saturday, December 11, 2010

College Cup Final Press Conference Akron Quotes

About what it means to win a title for the Ohio region:
Zarek Valentin:
“Being there a year, it really means a lot more than anyone could ever imagine. A lot of the school puts a lot of emphasis on our soccer team, which we appreciate greatly. Just seeing the support. It would mean the world to some people. Since a lot of people traveled out to California to support us., it would mean more than anyone could ever even imagine.”
Perry Kitchen:
“Just to reiterate what Zarek was saying, it would mean a lot. In Northeast Ohio, we don’t have many too many great teams; I guess you could call it. So for us to win, it would be amazing. The community would go nuts. We know they are behind us. It would be an amazing feeling.”
About the amount of fans:
“It is amazing. I think we possibly have the best group of fans in the country. They travel with us to Penn State, to Michigan. They were in North Carolina. They are everywhere. They even teamed up with the UCSB fans as well, which means a lot they are coming out to support us too. The fact that they have the commitment to come with us wherever we go and be loud and take pride in our team means a lot. We really feed off that energy in the game, which is good. The more they are in the game, the more we are into the game as well.
“Like Zarek said, it is great they come out and follow us. We have talked about it all through out the year. Coach Porter is always telling them, ‘if they do their part, we will do our part on the field.’ That is how it is going now, and we know they will continue to support us.”
About facing Aaron Horton:
“He is a good player. But yeah, we have seen players that are like him. We have faced the best strikers in the country this year. It is like anything, you have to be aware every single moment. If you lose a moment and fall asleep, you can get punished. At this stage, there are players in these games on these teams who will punish you if you make mistakes.”

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Akron Quotes From College Cup Press Conference

Caleb Porter, Akron Head Coach

“It is never easy. Our journey really began on December 14th. We were one kick away. The players returning all vowed to get back. It is really a credit to them and how hard they worked.”

“We learned lessons and are battled tested. I think you are going to see their best this weekend as we try to take care of business this weekend."

“My goal is to take that foundation and elevate it even further. My vision was to build a program to a level where we were realistically competing for a national championship each and every year."

"Everything that I did in building the program the philosophies that I put in place had that vision in mind. There are a lot of ingredients that go into building a program that is capable of winning a national championship: there is recruiting, there is getting the culture right, there is style of play, a scheduling philosophy. 

"It has been rewarding to see over the last two years us get to the point where we are a realistic contender. Like I said, at the end of last year, as memorable as 2009 was, we talked about it being the standard."

"Our standards are not going to change. We are going to continue to compete to win national championships."

"There is always a progression. And if you look at the teams that have won national championships, it doesn’t come out of the blue. Typically the program is knocking on the door for several years."

"Last year, we certainly knocked on the door. Hopefully, this year we kick the door down and get it done. It has been rewarding to see us get to the point where we are a realistic contender and we are not just this one hit wonder that gets to the championship and makes a run every once in a while.”

“This year has not been easy. And you won’t necessary see our trials reflected in the record. We have only lost one game and a couple ties."

"We have been challenged. We have played from behind in a several games. We have had to grind out results more than we did in 2009. We have made mistakes." 

"Part of that is we lost some key players. We lost three pros. We felt very good about the fact that we were returning a good core. So we had some continuity, we had a lot of experience coming into the year."

"We have 8 of 11 of our starters played in the national championship last year. But when you lose three guys, it is going to take some time to evolve into the team you want to be. For us, it took all year."

"The thing about this year that stands out to me is because of those challenges, I think we are a stronger team: we are grounded, and because we have made some mistakes, and because it hasn’t been easy. I think we are probably more prepared coming into the college cup.”

Anthony Ampaipitakwong, senior midfielder
About having the lead at half:
During halftime, coach talks to us. It is just we go into the second half like we go into the first half. We want to start the half strong like every game. And we want to input our style into the game.
Not try to get focused on if we have a lead let’s keep this lead, or if we are down lets push. We just play the style we have been playing all year. We try to play the dominant style of soccer that coach has implemented into all of us. That is the mindset we go into every half.

Porter on the form of the two teams following their first meeting:
“I know we are better. We have had some wins. We have won seven in a row. We had a loss. That is something that needed to happen. We had gone 40 games without truly losing. That gives you a lot of confidence. That gives you a lot of belief. But I think when you start to win that much, you maybe slip. You start to lose your edge and start to feel bulletproof. In this sport, you got to show up. And you got to perform. No matter who you are playing against. If you don’t do that, you have a chance to lose. I think looking back, that is the best thing that happened.”

Monday, July 5, 2010

Development Academy Finals!

Group 1
Group A Winner - Chicago Fire Academy (10-4-3) GF: 19 GA: 9 (12-5-9) GF: 29 GA: 18
Group B Winner - De Anza Force (8-3-1) GF: 22 GA: 18; (16-8-3) GF: 43 GA: 36
Group C Winner - D.C. United Academy (9-2-1) GF: 22 GA: 12; (17-8-5) GF: 51 GA: 36
Group D Winner - Sockers FC (8-2-7) GF: 26 GA: 16; (13-2-10) GF: 38 GA: 18

Group 2
Group E Winner - CASL Chelsea FC Academy (12-1-1) GF: 34 GA: 5; (20-1-7) GF: 57 GA: 12
Group F Winner - Internationals (7-1-2) GF: 15 GA: 8 (11-3-8) GF: 32 GA: 16
Group G Winner - Baltimore Bays Chelsea (8-2-2) GF: 18 GA: 7; (24-3-3) GF: 64 GA: 17
Group H Winner - Cal Odyssey (10-1-1) GF: 32 GA: 11 (17-7-3) GF: 59 GA: 30

Leading Scorers:
Chicago Fire- Victor Pineda (7)
De Anza Force- Hector Herrera (7) & Alfred Edmonds (7)
D.C. United- Cody Albrecht (9)
Sockers FC- Khaliq McKenzie (15)

CASL- Monbo Bokar (20)
Internationals- Nicholas Parianos (12)
Balt Bays- Michael Gamble (23)
Cal Odyssey- Villyan Bijev (18)

Group 1
Group A Winner - Derby County Wolves (6-1-3) GF: 23 GA: 13; (14-3-5) GF: 57 GA: 23
Group B Winner - Crossfire Premier (5-2-5) GF: 23 GA: 17; (13-6-8) GF: 50 GA: 41
Group C Winner - FC Dallas (11-2-3) GF: 33 GA: 16; (17-5-3) GF: 53 GA: 28
Group D Winner - CASL Chelsea FC Academy (8-2-4) GF: 23 GA: 7; (15-4-10) GF: 46 GA: 20

Group 2
Group E Winner - Real So Cal (12-3-1) GF: 48 GA: 13; (21-3-5) GF: 77 GA: 23 (Most goals)
Group F Winner - Concorde Fire (12-2-2) GF: 46 GA: 19; (20-6-4) GF: 75 GA: 36
Group G Winner - Vardar (4-4-2) GF: 23 GA: 20; (12-6-4) GF: 54 GA: 31
Group H Winner - Baltimore Bays Chelsea (7-1-4) GF: 26 GA: 12; (20-4-6) GF: 75 GA: 29

Leading Scorers:
Derby County Wolves- Soony Saad (27)- Michigan
Crossfire Premier- Liam Kelly (25)-
FC Dallas-  Ruben Luna (25)- SMU
CASL Chelsea FC- Charles Root (15)- South Carolina

Real So Cal- Edwin Rivas (18)
Concorde- Carlos McCrary (22)- UNC
Vardar- Peter Jacobsen (17)
Baltimore Bays- Peter Caringi (14)- UMBC & Mamadou Kansaye (14)- NC State

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back to the Future 2014

My (way too early) guess at the 23 for Brazil:
GK (3): Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Earl Edwards
DEF (8): Jonathan Spector, Jonathan Bornstein, Tim Ream, Ike Opara, Omar Gonzalez, Sean Franklin, Kevin Alston, Gale Agbossmounde
MID (8): Maurice Edu, Benny Feilhaber, Stuart Holden, Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Luis Gil, Alejandro Bedoya
FWD (4): Jozy Altidore, Robbie Findley, Charlie Davies, Marcus Tracy

Just missing the cut, but in the discussion:
GK: Bill Hamid
DEF: Kyle Davies
MID: Freddy Adu, Joseph Gyau, Charles Renken, Mikkel Diskerud, Blair Gavin, Sacha Kljestan, Sam Cronin, Robbie Rogers, Michael Stephens, Jermaine Jones
FWD: Jack McInerney, Juan Agudelo, Tristan Bowen

Monday, May 24, 2010

U.S. World Cup Outlook

Last week, Bob Bradley announced the 30-man roster he was taking into camp with him. Today, he announced that 4-6 spots were still available with only two friendlies left before the roster deadline.
Here are the 30:
GOALKEEPERS (3): Brad Guzan (Aston Villa), Tim Howard (Everton), Marcus Hahnemann (Wolverhampton)
DEFENDERS (9): Carlos Bocanegra (Rennes), Jonathan Bornstein (Chivas USA), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover), Jay DeMerit (Watford), Clarence Goodson (IK Start), Chad Marshall (Columbus Crew), Oguchi Onyewu (AC Milan), Heath Pearce (FC Dallas), Jonathan Spector (West Ham United)
MIDFIELDERS (12): DaMarcus Beasley (Rangers), Alejandro Bedoya (Örebro), Michael Bradley (Borussia Mönchengladbach), Ricardo Clark (Eintracht Frankfurt), Clint Dempsey (Fulham), Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy), Maurice Edu (Rangers), Benny Feilhaber (Aarhus), Stuart Holden (Bolton), Sacha Kljestan (Chivas USA), Robbie Rogers (Columbus Crew), José Torres (Pachuca)
FORWARDS (6): Jozy Altidore (Villarreal), Edson Buddle (Los Angeles Galaxy), Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo), Robbie Findley (Real Salt Lake), Herculez Gomez (Puebla), Eddie Johnson (Aris Thessaloniki) 

Average Age: 26.3

20 of 30 players played in college at some point.

My guess at the final 23:
GK (3): Guzan, Howard, Hahnemann
Defenders (8): Bocanegra, Bornstein, Cherundolo, DeMerit, Goodson, Marshall, Onyewu, Spector
Midfielder (9): Beasley, Bradley, Clark, Dempsey, Donovan, Edu, Feilhaber, Holden, Torres
Forward (3): Altidore, Ching, Gomez

I think the final spots up for grabs are: Beasley, Gomez, Torres, and Marshall.

If Bradley plays Edu as a center back, is there any need for a 4th CB on the roster? It could add another midfielder to the equation, which would open the door for Bedoya or Kljestan to sneak in.

Something to consider over the next week before Bradley makes his final 23 official.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

USSDA Spring Showcase

USSDA Spring Showcase starts at the end of this month. U.S. Soccer was nice enough to stream some of the games from Florida. Here is the breakdown of the games:

May 29:
8:00 AM (ET)
Solar SC U16 vs Academy Select #1 U16

Standings: Solar-4th in Texas Division.
Leading Scorer: Solar-Chandler Crosswait (7 goals)

10:00 AM (ET)
Chivas USA U16 vs Texas SC DTH U16

Standings: Chivas USA-3rd in SoCal Division. Texas-2nd in Texas Division.
Leading Scorer: CHV-Frederico Bobadilla (15 goals)
TEX-Leobardo Vazquez (18 goals)

12:00 PM (ET)
Sockers U16 vs PDA U16

Standings: Sockers-4th in Frontier Division. PDA- 3rd in Liberty Division.
Leading Scorer: SOC- Khaliq McKenzie (9 goals)
PDA- Trey Leggett (6 goals)

2:00 PM (ET)
Texas Rush U18 vs Academy Select #1

Standings: Texas: 7th in Texas Division.
Leading Scorer: RUSH- Jose Ruiz (9 goals)

4:00 PM (ET)
Concorde Fire U18 vs Empire United U18

Standings: Concorde-1st in Southeast Division (2nd most goals scored). Empire- 2nd in Northeast Division.
Leading Scorer: CON- Carlos McCrary (18 goals)
Empire: Stephen Baker (17 goals)

6:00 PM (ET)
Washington Premier U18 vs South Carolina United U18

Standings: Washington- 1st in Northwest Division. South Carolina-4th in Southeast Division.
Leading Scorer: WAS: Darwin Jones (15 goals)
SCU: Alexis Martinez and Antiwan Rogers (5 goals)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 1 MLS Combine

Danny Mwanga's handlers decided he was too cool for school so fans are still waiting to get a look at the top pick.

Thanks to MLS insider, we are spoiled to a copious amount of highilght clips

MLS Combine 2010: Game One Goals from mlsinsider on Vimeo.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Andre Akpan, I Feel Your Pain


Teal Bunbury claimed the MAC Hermann trophy. He was the best weapon on the best offense in the country.  So there should be little debate about who should have won the award; however, there is part of me that wishes Andre Akpan lifted the award. I know, I know. Bunbury had better numbers, played for a better team, and I even voted him as player of the year. That said, Akpan had one of the best college careers we may ever see.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Calm Before The Storm

Not much action to report the day before the combine. 

Player Profiles
Danny Mwanga Tribal Football
Teal Bunbury The Canadian Press
Tony Tchani NBC Channel 29

MLS News:
Jeff Carlisle takes a look at different views of the draft
RBNY have a new coach Hans Backe

Last thing of note: FSC is doing a three-hour telecast from the draft this year.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

MLS Draft Links

Mock Drafts:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Generation Adidas Class

Twelve players make up the 2010 Generation adidas class, tied for most all time with the original class. Generation adidas is an incentive done by MLS to entice players in college (or even high school) to leave school early and sign with the league. The benefits for the players include a higher salary than most other draft picks as well as a guaranteed free tuition if they chose to return to school if professional soccer does not work out. The benefit for the teams is Generation adidas contracts don't count against the salary cap.

Player, School, Position, Grade (PDL team)
Corben Bone, Wake Forest, Midfield, Junior (Carolina)
NSCAA First Team All America First Team

5’9 160\ 9-16-1988
2009 Season Stats: 24 games, 3 goals, 13 assists
2008 Season Stats: 24 games, 7 goals, 17 assists
2007 Season Stats: 20 games, 5 goals, 8 assists

2010 Senior Signees

These five seniors have signed professional contracts with MLS prior to the draft. They are projected to be selected in the first round.
Player, position, school (PDL team)

Austin da Luz, Midfield, Wake Forest (Austin 2008)
5’10 160\ 10-9-1987
2009 Season Stats: 24 games, 6 goals, 15 assists
2008 Season Stats: 14 games, 3 goals, 8 assists
2007 Season Stats: 25 games, 3 goals, 13 assists
2006 Season Stats: 17 games, 1 goal, 3 assists 

2010 Senior Draft Pool (Forwards)

Ronnie Bouemboue, Forward, NC State (Cary 2009)
5’9 155\ 10-16-1987
2009 Season Stats: 22 games, 8 goals, 10 assists
2008 Season Stats: 19 games, 14 goals, 4 assists
2006 Season Stats: 8 games, 4 goals, 1 assist
2005 Season Stats: 17 games, 2 goals, 4 assists

2010 Senior Draft Pool (Midfielders)

Name, Position, School (PDL team)

Eric Alexander, Midfield, Indiana (Kalamazoo)
6’1 165\ 4-14-1988
2009 Season Stats: 23 games, 1 goal, 4 assists
2008 Season Stats: 24 games, 3 goals, 4 assists
2007 Season Stats: 22 games, 5 goals, 1 assist
2006 Season Stats: 22 games, 3 goals, 4 assists

2010 Senior Draft Pool (Defenders)

Name, Position, School (PDL Team)

Korede Aiyegbusi, Defense, NC State (Cary 2009)
5’5 155
2009 Season Stats: 22 games, 1 goal, 3 assists
2008 Season Stats: 19 games

2010 Senior Draft Pool (Goalie)

Jovan Bubonja, Goalie, UIC (Chicago 2006-07)
6’2 200\ 9-29-1986
2009 Season Stats: 18 games, 55 saves, 1.09 GAA
2008 Season Stats: 21 games, 57 saves, .63 GAA
2007 Season Stats: 24 games, 55 saves, .56 GAA
2006 Season Stats: 21 games, 76 saves, .37 GAA

Brooks Haggerty, Goalie, UNC (Cary 2009)
6’1 205\ 10-23-1987
2009 Season Stats: 19 games, 54 saves, .55 GAA
2008 Season Stats: 9 games, 27 saves, 1.05 GAA
2007 Season Stats: 4 games, 6 saves, .64 GAA
2006 Season Stats: 3 games, 7 saves, .00 GAA

John Moore, Goalie, Stanford (Seattle 2009)
6’2 195
2009 Season Stats: 20 games, 77 saves, .87 GAA
2008 Season Stats: 17 games, 62 saves, 1.20 GAA
2007 Season Stats: 11 games, 23 saves, 1.07 GAA
2006 Season Stats: 15 games, 54 saves, .92 GAA

Breakdown of MLS Teams

Chicago Fire-Picks (3): 13, 25, 49
Last Season’s Record: 11-7-12, second round exit
Head Coach: TBD
Technical Director: Frank Klopas
Offense: 39 goals (T-5th)
Defense: 34 goals against (7th)
Roster Composition: 2 GKs, 9 DEF, 6 MID, 6 FWD
Generation Adidas on roster: 1
2009 First Round Pick: N/A
Biggest Need: Midfield/ Defense

Chivas USA- Picks (5): 10, 26, 35, 42, 58

Last Season’s Record: 13-11-6, first round exit
New Heard Coach: Martin Vasquez
Vice President of Soccer Operations: Stephen Hamilton
Offense: 34 goals for (11th)
Defense: 31 goals against (3rd)
Roster Comp: 4 GK, 8 DEF, 10 MID, 7 FWD
Generation Adidas on Roster: 0
2009 First Round Pick: Michael Lahoud, Midfield, Wake Forest
2009 Stats: 872 minutes, 1 goal, 1 assist.
Biggest Need: Depth/ Forward

Colorado Rapids-Picks (4): 22, 23, 40, 56
Last Season’s Record: 10-10-10, missed playoffs
Head Coach: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Paul Bravo
Offense: 42 goals for (3rd)
Defense: 38 goals against (9th)
Roster Comp: 3 GK, 7 DEF, 7 MID, 7 FWD
Generation Adidas on Roster: 2
2009 First Round Pick: N/A
Biggest Need: Midfield/Defense

Columbus Crew-Picks (5): 8, 12, 60, 61, 63

Last Season’s Record: 13-7-10, Supporters Shield Winner
Head Coach: Robert Warzycha
Technical Director: Brian Bliss
Offense: 41 goals (5th)
Defense: 31 goals against (T-3rd)
Roster Comp: 3 GK, 6 DEF, 11 MID, 4 FWD
Generation Adidas on Roster: 1
2009 First Round Pick: N/A
Biggest Need: Forward

D.C. United-Picks (3): 7, 39, 55

Last Season’s Record: 9-8-13
New Head Coach: Curt Onalfo
General Manager: Dave Kasper
Offense: 43 goals (T-2nd)
Defense: 44 goals against (10th)
Roster Comp: 3 GK, 5 DEF, 10 MID, 7 FWD
Generation Adidas on Roster: 0
2009 First Round Pick: Rodney Wallace, Midfield/Defense, Maryland
2009 Stats: 2265 minutes, 3 goals, 3 assists
2009 First Round Pick: Chris Pontius, Midfield/Forward, UCSB
2009 Stats: 2113 minutes, 4 goals, 3 assists
Biggest Need: Defense

FC Dallas- Picks (6): 5, 6, 21, 38, 44, 54

Last Season’s Record: 11-13-6
Head Coach: Schellas Hyndman
Offense: 50 goals (1st)
Defense: 47 goals against (T-13th)
Roster Comp: 3 GK, 6 DEF, 11 MID, 4 FWD
Generation Adidas on roster: 3
2009 First Round Pick: Peri Marosevic, Forward, Michigan
2009 Stats: 47 minutes
2009 First Round Pick: George John, Defense, Washington
2009 Stats: 1162 minutes, 1 goal
Biggest Need: Midfield/Defense

Houston Dynamo-Picks (3): 43, 46, 62

Last Season’s Record: 13-8-9
Head Coach: Dominic Kinnear
Offense: 39 goals (T-5th)
Defense: 29 goals against (T-1st)
Roster Comp: 3 GK, 6 DEF, 8 MID, 6 FWD
Generation Adidas on roster: 1
2009 First Round Pick: N/A
Biggest Need: Depth

Kansas City Wizards-Picks (5): 4, 20, 36, 41, 52

Last Season’s Record: 8-13-9, missed playoffs
New Head Coach: Peter Vermes
Offense: 33 goals (T-13th)
Defense: 42 goals against (10th)
Roster Comp: 3 GK, 8 DEF, 9 MID, 6 FWD
Generation Adidas on roster: 3
2009 First Round Pick: Matt Besler, Defense, Notre Dame
2009 Stats: 2236 minutes
Biggest Need: Forward

Los Angeles Galaxy- Picks (3): 15, 47, 64

Last Season’s Record: 12-6-12, Western Conference Champion
Head Coach: Bruce Arena
Offense: 36 goals (T-10th)
Defense: 31 goals against (T-3rd)
Roster Comp: 2 GK, 9 DEF, 6 MID, 9 FWD
Generation Adidas on roster: 1
2009 First Round Pick: Omar Gonzalez, Center Back, Maryland
2009 Stats: 2672 minutes, 1 goal, 1 assist
Biggest need: Attacking midfield/forward

New England Revolution-Picks (3): 9, 25, 57

Last Season’s Record: 11-10-9, first round exit
Head Coach: Steve Nicol
Director of Soccer: Mike Burns
Offense: 33 goals (T-13th)
Defense: 37 goals against (8th)
Roster Comp: 2 GK, 5 DEF, 8 MID, 6 FWD
Generation Adidas on roster: 1
2009 First Round Pick: Kevin Alston, Defense, Indiana
2009 Stats: 2339 minutes, 1 assist
2009 First Round Pick: Ryan Maxwell, Midfield, University of Tampa
2009 Stats: Waived before season.
Biggest need: Forward

New York Red Bull-Picks (6): 2, 14, 18, 31, 34, 50

Last Season’s Record: 5-19-6
Head Coach: TBD
Sporting Director: Jeff Agoos
Offense: 27 goals (15th)
Defense: 47 goals against (13th)
Roster Comp: 2 GK, 7 DEF, 8 MID, 4 FWD
Generation Adidas on roster: 0
2009 First Round Pick: Jeremy Hall, Midfield, Maryland
2009 Stats: 2001 minutes, 1 assist
Biggest need: Midfield

Philadelphia Union (First Season)- Picks (4): 1, 17, 33, 49

Head Coach: Peter Nowak
Youth Development Coordinator: John Hackworth
Roster Comp:2 GK, 4 DEF, 4 MID, 2 FWD
Generation Adidas on roster: 0
2009 First Round Pick: N/A

Real Salt Lake- Picks (3): 16, 32, 48

Last Season’s Record: 11-12-7, MLS Cup Champions
Head Coach: Jason Kreis
General Manager: Garth Lagerway
Offense: 43 goals (T-2nd)
Defense: 35 goals against (7th)
Roster Comp: 2 GK, 4 DEF, 10 MID, 7 FWD
Generation Adidas on roster: 1
2009 First Round Pick: Jean Alexandre, Midfield, Lynn University
2009 Stats: 99 minutes

San Jose Earthquakes- Picks (6): 3, 19, 28, 30, 37, 51

Last Season’s Record: 7-14-9, missed playoffs
Head Coach: Frank Yallop
General Manager: John Doyle
Offense: 36 goals (T-10th)
Defense: 50 goals against (15th)
Roster Comp: 3 GK, 6 DEF, 8 MID, 5 FWD
Generation Adidas on roster: 0
2009 First Round Pick: N/A
Biggest need: Defense

Seattle Sounders-Picks (3): 11, 27, 59

Last Season’s Record: 12-7-11, first round exit
Head Coach: Sigi Schmid
Chief Scout/Assistant Coach: Kurt Schmid
Offense: 38 goals (7th)
Defense: 29 goals against (T-1st)
Roster Comp: 3 GK, 7 DEF, 6 MID, 7 FWD
Generation Adidas on roster: 0
2009 First Round Pick: Steve Zakuani, Forward, Akron
2009 Stats: 1993 minutes, 4 goals, 4 assists
Biggest Need: Forward/Depth

Toronto FC-Picks (2): 24, 53

Last Season’s Record: 10-11-9, missed playoffs
New Head Coach: Preki
Technical Director: Mo Johnston
Offense: 37 goals (8th)
Defense: 46 goals against (12th)
Roster Comp: 2 GK, 8 DEF, 6 MID, 5 FWD
Generation Adidas on roster: 2
2009 First Round Pick: Sam Cronin, Midfield, Wake Forest
2009 Stats: 2363 minutes, 1 goal, 4 assists
2009 First Round Pick: O’Brian White, Forward, UCONN
2009 Stats: 440 minutes, 2 goals
2009 First Round Pick: Stefan Frei, Goalie, Cal
2009 Stats: 2295 minutes, 1.49 GAA, 5 shutouts
Biggest Need: Defense

Draft picks by number

Previous Draft Picks by selection (since 2000):
  1. Steve Shak, Chris Carrieri, Chris Gbandi, Alecko Eskandarian, Freddy Adu, Nik Besagno, Marvell Wynne, Maurice Edu, Chance Myers, Steve Zakuani
  2. Nick Garcia, Ali Curtis, Taylor Twellman, Ricardo Clark, Chad Marshall, Brad Guzan, Mehdi Ballouchy, Bakary Soumare, Brek Shea, Sam Cronin
  3. Adin Brown, Mark Lisi, Brad Davis, Nate Jaqua, Joseph Ngwenya, Chad Barrett, Jason Garey, Michael Harrington, Anthony Beltran, Omar Gonzalez
  4. Carlos Bocanegra, Ryan Nelsen, Justin Mapp, Mike Magee, Matt Taylor, Danny O’Rourke, Yura Movsisyan, Chris Seitz, Sean Franklin, O’Brian White
  5. Aleksey Korol, Joselito Vaca, Kelly Gray, David Strokes, Ryan Cochrane, Ugo Ihemelu, Sacha Kljestan, Wells Thompson, Ciaran O’Brien, Peri Marosevic
  6. Danny Califf, Craig Demmin, Luchi Gonzalez, Todd Dunivant, Ramon Nunez, Drew Moor, Dax McCarty, Nica Colaluca, Andy Iro, Rodney Wallace
  7. Wes Hart, Ryan Suarez, Mansour Nidaye, Diego Walsh, Clearance Goodson, Hunter Freeman, Justin Moose, John Cunliffe, Patrick Nyarko, Chris Pontius
  8. Travis Mulraine, Santino Quaranta, Kyle Martino, Guillermo Gonzalez, Clint Dempsey, Troy Roberts, Patrick Ianni, Jerson Monteiro, Josh Lambo, Matt Besler
  9. John Wilson, Brian Mullan, Carl Bussey, Pat Nooan, Scott Buete, Michael Parkhurst, Kei Kamara, Anthony Wallace, Julius James, Michael Lahoud
  10. Alan Woods, Duncan Oughton, Billy Sleeth, Shavar Thomas, Steve Cronin, Jack Stewart, Calen Carr, Andrew Boyens, Pat Phelan, Kevin Alston
  11. Sasha Victorine, Isaias Bardales, Daouda Kante, Brian Carroll, Leonard Griffin, Scott Sealy, Leonardo de Oliviera, Bryan Arguez, Roger Espinoza, Jeremy Hall
  12. Bobby Convey, Jose Burciaga, Lee Morrison, Eddie Gaven, Chris Wingert, Tim Ward, Nathan Sturgis, Amaechi Igwe, Dominic Cervi, Jean Alexandre
  13. Stephen Armstrong, Rodrigo Faria, Hemir Neibles, Arturo Alvarez, Josh Gardner, Jamie Watson, Jed Zayner, John Michael Hayden, Rob Valentino, Stefan Frei
  14. Rusty Pierce, Devin Barclay, Shalrie Joseph, Doug Warren, Ned Grabavoy, Christian Jimenez, Jeff Curtin, Abdus Ibrahim, David Horst, George John
  15. Peter Byaruhanga, Bryan Namoff, Jordan Stone, Jason Thompson, Adolfo Gregorio, Michael Enfield, Justin Moore, Brad Evans, Shea Salinas, Ryan Maxwell
  16. Justin Evans, Brian Ching, Danny Jackson, Scot Thompson, Adrian Cann, Ryan Pore, Lance Watson, Robbie Findley, Eric Brunner, Evan Brown

Rookie of the Year selections bolded