Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 1 MLS Combine

Danny Mwanga's handlers decided he was too cool for school so fans are still waiting to get a look at the top pick.

Thanks to MLS insider, we are spoiled to a copious amount of highilght clips

MLS Combine 2010: Game One Goals from mlsinsider on Vimeo.

Boy wonder, Jason the producer, anchored a few interviews.

God that fro is awesome. I am officially starting the Akpan Wig Night Campaign. Yes, I am starting that before he has a team. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT.

Day 1 Notes:
Captain Kyle McCarthy's Notes  (Edit: Captain doing double duty for too, what a corporate man!)
Ives' Thoughts
Joe Mauceri dropping some knowledge

Ike and Corben are BFFs.
Austin da Luz is NOT jealous
Sean dropping a second interview today with Ross LaBauex

Couple thoughts:
  • Everyone loves Irving Garcia. I am not surprised. I wrote this for my first mock draft: I am not going beat around the bush; I like Irving Garcia's game. The first word on every scouts' description will be "small" but that should not distract from a very skillful player. I have seen Garcia slice and dice through defenses like Sigi Schmid through a buffet. When I witnessed him play in the Big West final against UCSB, I wrote after the first half,  "That was the best performance I have seen in college soccer this year." I stick to that statement. Garcia is a difference maker.
  • Tchani was the boss of the midfield. 
  • Wiedeman might fall a bit in the draft because he is not getting any service. I think this is a good thing. His contract is already signed so money isn't an issue. The later he goes in the first round, the easier it will be for him to integrate into a team. Also the teams at the end of the first round, typically have a good midfield to supply him with chances. 
  • Mo Johnston would do dirty things for a first round draft pick. He might be addicted to drafts.
  • NY wouldn't allow Jeff Agoos attend the combine. No word on whether he is allowed at the draft or not.
  • Bengals and Eagles rolled over today. 
That is all. Back on Monday with day 2.